Wood Species

There are a wide variety of wood species originating from trees that come from every part of the country and the world. There are also different types of wood descriptions, hardwoods and softwoods, which are used in a variety of different projects and purposes. Depending on what each type of wood species is used for, both softwoods and hardwoods are chosen for a specific project or task for which the wood is more suited and more durable to last for its intended purpose.

Hardwoods are generally derived from trees that produce either a nut or a fruit, and in the winter the tree will go dormant. Some different types of hardwoods include maple, cherry and oak, and altogether, this species accounts for about forty percent of the hardwood variety that’s found in the United States.

Their cone-bearing characteristics, or the evidence of needles on the tree identifies softwoods, which are also known as conifers. Some very well known softwoods that are found in the United States in abundance include the fir, cedar, pine, spruce and the redwood trees. For most home projects, softwoods are used as structural lumber, and a few limited methods that may include decorative applications.

Other uses and purposes of various wood species include the ash wood, which is a very tough wood frequently used in making baseball bats. The Ash wood has a yellow hue with brown growth rings. The red oak species and the cherry species are two very commonly used species found in many home projects and have an open, heavy grain pattern. The hard maple is also another well-known and commonly used wood. It’s often found in butcherblock methods, and it is lightly grained but very hard and sturdy.

The walnut species was once regarded the world over as the premium substance for furniture manufacturing. The wood is a rich, deep chocolate brown color with white or cream colored light streaks that flow through it. The birch wood species has a fine, even grain and is a popular selection for traditional and contemporary pieces that are manufactured as veneer products.

The santos mahogany wood species is a unique wood that comes from the South American region. It has a deep, purplish-red color with a grain that contains a broad color variation. The African-grown, highly dense wood that is golden with dark, black streaks is known as the Zewbrawood species. It has its name because it resembles the markings of a Zebra. Many individuals choose this wood for custom projects because it rich, beautiful colors that make it truly unique. For an all weather, durable wood, the genuine mahogany with a light brown color and an open pattern make it the wood selection of choice for many homeowners and also homebuilders and contractors.