Wood Flooring

For ease of cleaning and appearance, many homes make use of wood flooring over any other type of covering. Wood floors have been used for centuries as a way to provide a hard-wearing, stable and easy to source floor for even the most demanding of uses. With over 750 types of tree in North America, wood is one of the most available materials around, and when fully sustained, forests can be very environmentally friendly too. Wood floors provide more than just support underfoot; they also help build a better planet.

Most hardwood floors are stained, treated and varnished before using. This is to protect them from wearing down as foot traffic passes over it. The stain and varnish can also add a deeper color or richer feel to the wood, and this is a popular technique for loft apartments and offices that want to achieve a warmer and more inviting feel. Depending on how it is used, wood flooring can make a space feel open, enclosed, warm or even light and airy.

A popular material to use in hardwood planks is bamboo. This is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, making it incredibly environmentally agreeable. It is also beautiful in pattern and color, with rich browns and natural honey blondes that can be worked into the color scheme of the room. It can be used for anything from kitchen flooring to dance studio practice space. When treated and processed correctly, bamboo wood is also completely impervious to termites and other wood-destroying creatures and elements.

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