Wallpapering Over Paneling

Whether it's redoing a second bathroom, or completely overhauling an entire room, remodeling any home in a room is going to require an investment of some sort, whether that's time and/or money. Sometimes, homeowners just want to capture a whole new look for their humble abodes, but finding a feasible way to do that can often be quite a challenge. It's not always easy to a project that you can do that doesn't have a large budget, a large time investment or the resources that are needed in order to do the project well and to do it right. For times like that, it's not necessary to resort to sub-par work or projects that will wipe out your bank account. All it takes is a little creativity and a little time investment, and you can quickly and affordably achieve a great new look in a minimal amount of time.

One of the quickest ways and methods to capturing a whole new look in any room is by wallpapering over paneling, and in no time at all, a room can look refreshed and as good as new. With some wallpapering over paneling projects, it's also possible to make an existing room look and feel completely new. It's also possible to do it in such a way where the work is undetected and there is no mess or ugly areas that show what and how the work was done.

The first key in wallpapering over paneling is to make sure that you buy wallpaper that will cover and spread well across the wall's foundation. This kind of wallpaper is generally thicker and sturdier than the typical wallpaper that you'll put up in any room. This multi-purpose wallpaper should have a special, high-quality adhesive with which to secure the wallpaper. It will and should also have a textured surface, which is very important because it needs to be able to completely hide the grooves and indentations that are in the panel that lies underneath it.

It's imperative as well to clean and prepare the paneling before you begin the project so as to remove any grit or dirt that would hamper the adhesive and keep the wallpaper from properly sticking. You can usually clean it with a damp sponge, and prepare the walls by removing any edged trim and any outlet and switch covers. After cleaning the wood, prime it with quality primer that sets the wood and gets it ready for the special high quality wallpaper adhesive that you will be applying to it later.

After cleaning, preparation and application of the wallpaper, simply skim away any excess glue or adhesive for best drying results, and wait until the paper is completely dried before you re-install the switch plates and covers. Your new wall will look absolutely gorgeous and stunning, and you'll be proud of the investment you made in order to achieve your new home look.