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The wainscoting look is very simple, yet broad in possibilities of design and style. With wainscoting, you simply use wood panels to decorate the inside walls of a room or area of living space. Since wainscoting is so versatile, it gives homeowners a wide variety of design choices that lend warmth and charm to any room's design structure. Wainscoting is a wood product, therefore it is possible that it may expand and contract, based on any atmospheric conditions or surroundings. It is suggested to wait 24-48 hours before installing wainscoting panels into any room. This time allows the panels to adjust and become acclimated to their new environment, and enhances the overall ability to install without any issues. At least a 1/16" space should be reserved between each panel, which will prove beneficial in the future because the space will allow for seasonal movement among the panels. Movement generally occurs when there are significant changes in the seasons, like from summer to winter and visa versa. By affording this small space, the panels will increase and decrease easily without looking bunched and stacked together. Most wainscot areas are installed on either doors or small portions of a wall. It can be done in a manner of days or over a weekend. Wooden panels are a popular item used in the wainscoting method to line the walls of a room. The look is versatile, flexible and lends itself well to those who are creatively skilled and wish to design a different look, style and texture for walls and wall panels by use of wainscoting.
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