Tiles are used as decorative protection for walls and floors, especially in areas prone to moisture and bad weather. Tiles are often used around pools as they have a sanitary clean look to them, are relatively easy to put in place and can repel water effortlessly. They are easy to clean too, making them ideal in places that need to be mopped or wiped clean at regular intervals. Another area to use tiles is in the home, such as on the kitchen floor. They are resilient to pressure when installed correctly, meaning they can be walked on without causing damage to the material or injury to the foot through sharp edges.

Aside from the practical uses they are also very appealing to look at. They come in a range of colors, shapes and sizes meaning that there is an option to suit practically every project that could be done around the home or garden. Some craft centers will even allow people to paint their own and fire them so that they can be used just as any store-bought item would.

Perhaps the biggest draw of this type of home-building material is the cost. It has been, and still is one of the cheapest options for covering a wall. For this reason it is often seen in multiple places in the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and this low cost gives the homeowner more room to experiment with different styles and sizes. Even if tiles break while installed, they can simply be removed and a new one reinserted into the space. This cannot be compared to more time-consuming materials like hardwood flooring.

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Glass With Shell Mosaic
Price: $145.00
Glass With Shell Mosaic