Teak wood is regarded as an amazing and versatile wood that’s used mainly for furniture projects and applications. Although it is not used as a support for any structural applications like buildings and facilities, it is very highly rated for aesthetic designs, and is akin to the appeal that Oak wood possesses. Teak wood does season very well and is highly durable with regards to outside elements like decay and insect penetrations. Teak is very hard however to stain and finish with other methods like paints and staining oils.

This wood is very versatile and for some areas, quite popular. It is used exclusively in India to make exported items like doors and furniture and the columns and beams that are typically found in older homes. The wood however is highly resistant to termite attacks, and also commands a fairly high asking price because of its durability and strength. It’s also a material that’s used in other outdoor projects like boat deck designs, because of the durability that it offers for this type of environment, and also because it requires little maintenance, especially since it’s placed near or in the water. It’s not necessary to use any cleaning solutions or compounds that are generally used to clean other wood or wood style products because doing so can actually harm the teak more than help it. It’s possible to also drastically shorten the life of the teak product by using modern cleaning solutions, and it’s suggested by wooden boat experts to only apply and use a salt water cleanse to clean the teak boat decks. The salt water cleanse will help the teak wood to retain a fair amount of moisture as well as aiding it in preventing algae and mildew growth, both of which could be harmful to the wood. Below the white surface of the boat decks, the boat decks contain a natural teak oil film that is damaged with the use of unnatural solutions. Besides the salt water solution, a periodic re-caulking strain can be applied as is necessary. A thin paste of re-caulking any damaged or worn areas will prevent the wood from shrinking as well as prevent it from becoming dried out and cracking.

The high oil content in the teak wood also makes it a suitable and preferred solution for many outdoor furniture projects. The effective teak wood material has a tight grain pattern, tensile strength and a high oil content, all of which makes it an effective material for outdoor construction projects, which may include water or water surroundings. Many homebuilders, retail manufacturers and homeowners in developing and designing appealing teak wood furnishings use the durability of the wood.