Shingles are generally used as roofing materials, and as a roof covering, the product overlaps each other and form a design that multi-functional. The shingles are generally flat and rectangular shapes that are in rows laid out in a pattern that reaches from the bottom of the roof’s edge, going upwards. Each row higher in succession above the preceding row overlaps the joints that are in the rows below it. Years ago in previous shingles roofing designs, the end ridge of the roof had a cap that was made of copper or lead sheeting. Today’s modern styled shingle roofing designs now have a functional plastic underlay that has replaced the cap. Shingles have also been previously made with materials like slate, wood, asbestos cement and paper soaked with bitumen and covered in aggregate, also known as asphalt shingles. These materials were found to be a contributing factor to fire hazard possibilities, and as a result, the wood shingles and other materials were abandoned in favor of asphalt shingles that are fiberglass-based instead.

Although shingles are a durable roofing system, they can and do age, therefore they require some maintenance and upkeep so as to yield longer lasting results. The mechanism that worked as a protectant to paper and fiberglass shingles was a result of long chain petroleum hydrocarbons. This protectant was inadequate in providing long lasting solutions for the shingles to withstand the wear and tear placed upon it from the elements. The aging that occurs with wood shingles is also similar, since wood shingles have a protectant that is from natural oils in the cell structure. What this does to the shingles in the long run is a result of the sun on the shingles roofing material, which causes the oils to soften. Therefore, when there is a rainfall, the softened oils gradually wash out of and away from the shingles. As a result during rain showers, the rainwater is channeled and pooled into the eaves and rooflines of the shingles, and in the end, erosion results, causing other issues and problems.

Shingles are a highly used, decorative outdoor exterior method that many homeowners and homebuilders are using in many types of building and roofing renovation projects. You can select several different styles and colors, like pre-colored with up to two or three coats of finish, or shingles made with different types materials or fillers. With a variety of styles and finished coatings from which to choose which can include fire treated, primed, green, kiln dried or bleaching, shingles are an ideal solution for an investment in a long-term performance product.