It was over 400 years ago when the first Spanish settlers harvested the Redwood trees of California, and since that time, the tree has become a highly recognizable and popular species that is in high demand. The Redwood tree has several distinct features, which makes it so popular as a prized lumber, suitable for building and commercial projects. Of the western softwoods, it is one that is dimensionally stable. The Redwood is not at all susceptible to splitting or checking. Because of this, it is less damaged by weather conditions and the outside elements. In all of the heartwood grades, the Redwood is resistant to decay, and because of this, it can be used close to and near the ground in most conditions. It is quite lightweight and highly insect repellent than most other softwoods. Comparatively, its lightweight is a functional feature, and despite it being lightweight, it still does provide an adequate, durable and comparable strength for multiple uses.

Its insulation is a definite plus in the wood, as it creates an ideal thermal insulation condition that’s ideal for many furnishing situations. The Redwood is easy to work with using saws and nails, has ease in gluing properties and is easily machined. As a result, the Redwood retains an ability to hold a stunning, superior finish. The Redwood offers a low maintenance approach with a deep, rich color that only darkens and deepens with age. This is what contributes to its ability to work with projects that have high moisture levels. Such conditions are typically a problem for most other wood types, but the Redwood is able to safely and effectively manage it with no signs of cracking, aging or stress.

Redwood comes in a variety of different grades. This is dependent upon several factors including the age of the tree, the manufacturing or development of the wood, what direction the board was cut and where the board was cut while it was in the tree’s trunk. High quality made and manufactured furnishings made with the Redwood tree can be expected to last anywhere from 50 to 80 years. This is why Redwood is a product that stays within family generations and retains such a high regard. When and if Redwood is left outside with the elements (sun, rain, wind), it is guaranteed to not decay, show any signs of wear or distress or crack in any climate for 15 years or longer. This durability makes it an excellent, preferred choice for most all outdoor applications. This is why homeowners and builders prefer the tree because it’s durable, long lasting and gives high quality and value to the user.