Port Orford Cedar

The Port Orford Cedar is a hardy plant in the cedar species. It’s also considered a unique species of cedar, which is originally found and grown in the southern Oregon area and the Northern California area. The Port Orford Cedar wood is a member of the cypress wood family, and is a very strong, very hard and durable cedar. The wood has the same natural durability and holds as does other cedar types, and is a favored wood for buildings structures and fine furnishings. The wood does hold up well to elements like harsh weather, guards against rotting wood and protects well against insect infestations. This earns the wood a well-deserved positive reputation against decay and a high resistance to degrading elements. Out of all of the available cedar products on the market, the Port Orford Cedar is hailed as the strongest out of them all, collectively. It is used in various types of building projects, and historically it has been the most preferred wood for different types of building structures. Its preference with Japanese architecture, railroad ties and systems and fence posts has made it the top favorite for many years. This is also partially due to the Port Orford Cedar’s reputation for having a 20-25 year expectancy for in-ground life, so dubbed by the Department of Transportation of Oregon State.

The Port Orford Cedar’s strength and durability, and high decay-resistance ability makes it an excellent choice and favored wood for timber and wooden structures. This accounts for both for indoor and outdoor furnishings. The wood is also safe as well as strong, and outside furnishings like decks and chairs are also safe for children because it is smooth and has no inclinations for splintering and it is absence of any raised grains or grooves that can cause harm.

The wood is also color-versatile. The options to stain the wood are unlimited because of its light hues, and since the wood dries relatively quickly and easily, it works well with most all housing projects. The wood works well with tools of all kinds, takes polishes and paints receptively well, and also responds well in the finishing process. The simple ease of staining makes it an ideal imitator for mahogany wood projects, and other woods that are much more expensive, and increases its popularity as a cabinet wood. The Port Orford Cedar light-colored, beautiful wood is well-known for its regal beauty and structural integrity.