Plank Panelling

Paneling has always been a commonly used method for redecorating and redoing a home’s or businesses’ interior. Paneling has a way of aesthetically transforming a room to create a wholly different effect overall, and infusing into it its own personality and charm. The type or style of paneling is what makes it different and stand out from other methods of redecorating. But it’s also the kind of paneling that’s used that makes it different. Since paneling also has the flexibility to change its look through staining or coloring, it is a versatile and flexible decorating method as well, and many homeowners and homebuilders are attracted to it for those same reasons. Any combination of looks, styles, patterns, colors and finishes can be used to achieve an overall desired look from any paneling method.

Plank paneling is a very unique method of wood decoration and remodeling, yet its popularity is what has been a large part of its phenomenal growth over the years. It adds a uniquely different characteristic and touch to just about any room with its warmth, beauty and charm. It’s a durable material that’s easy to install and easy to maintain, and the overall lower cost factor that it provides is also a bonus reason as to why homeowners and builders lean towards using this type of remodeling material. Plank paneling is also quite versatile and gives owners several types of optional looks that they can use with their home remodeling projects. Several different patterns can be created using horizontal and vertical lines, and also diagonal or chevron patterns for the home or room’s interior walls.

The plank paneling also works well on the room’s ceiling as well as sunrooms, dens and open or concealed porches. For homeowners who want to add an additional layer of visual aesthetics and appeals, applying a stained or painted finish for a clean, crisp look can use a different look. Or, the plank paneling can be whitewashed or stained using a clear finish for a more polished, serene look. Homeowners who decorate with the plank paneling style are rarely disappointed with the finished result because there are just so many different style options from which to choose. There is bound to be a look or style that would fit most any personal preference or room style décor.

Plank paneling is a classic styled method used to significantly enhance the appearance and the look of any room’s interior wall space. The classic side of the look is akin to when a home’s interior walls were made out of wood or wood veneer, unlike the sheetrock and plaster method that is so well known. The wood lok is very much preferred, but it can be time-consuming and costly to invest in real wood walls to line a room or multiple rooms in any home. However, with the plank paneling application, that same wood look can be restored easily. By using the tongue and groove edging method, the plank paneling is able to lock securely without having to use nails or glue guns to install. Although there may be other paneling methods where certain tools are required for installation, this is not always the case with all kinds and styles. Paneling is very easy to install and requires little to none, if any, maintenance to ensure its upkeep and good looks. Paneling can and will last through many generations if it’s properly installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Plank paneling have an unusual characteristic touch and style to them because each piece has its own uniquely natural look and feel. Each plank has its own assortment of grains, knots and color scheme that makes it look and project in its own special way. Each application and each project has a finished touch that’s indicative of the personality of the room. This rustic, warm feel of plank paneling has the ability to add rich, warm feelings to any room, and with the added option of staining or coloring to any preference, they ensure to brings years of enjoyment and delight to its owners.