Pine and spruce wood is one of the most abundant and prolific species found in the North America region. The Pine and Spruce wood mainly consists of sapwood and has very little heartwood in it. Pinewood used in home settings is what is found in applications like wood paneling, trim and wooden doors, wood windows and wood flooring. The pinewood also has a very small amount of heartwood that’s reddish-brown in color. The sapwood color in the wood is the tone and hue of honey, and almost straw-like in color. When pinewood is freshly sawn or cut, its odor smells like the forests to where it’s indigenous, usually has a very strong, odor.

The Pine/Spruce wood is a common species frequently found in natural habitats that dates back for hundreds and hundreds of years and centuries. It first gained popularity back in the Europe in the 17th century where local carpenters and woodworkers would make pine furniture pieces for local homeowners. At the time, special furniture pieces that were considered upscale were culled from oak wood pieces for mainly the commoner, and not the wealthy or those of elite status. Despite the differences in class distinctions and furniture statuses among the classes, the pine furniture business still experienced a large surge in England, Spain and France that was noticeable throughout both the 18th and the 19th centuries, and by the end of the 18th century, it had become the favored and preferred wood of choice for many individuals.

During this time, furniture makers would also start becoming creative with the different pine finishes that they would put on the wood to make it more appealing. They would use various kinds of polychromatic, monochromatic and even colorful finishes that had floral patterns and designs and some with geometric paintings. There were some pine furniture pieces with these simulated finishes colorful finishes that really took off and became popular among the home dwellers. For instance, the pine chairs, pine chests, tables and bench beds were furniture items that became very popular and in high demand from the local woodworkers and smiths. It gained such popularity that the pine wood became known as the “workman’s wood” because they were creating such appealing and attainable pieces of work that everyone could own, of all classes and economic statuses.

The Shaker-style pine furniture is an early example of a design that is still used today. It exhibits interesting geometric shapes that are full of style and expression. It is still appreciated because it has a very basic, grounded and no-nonsense style and feel that pleases many owners. The simplicity of the pine wood Shaker furniture is what makes it so appealing. Today, pine furniture and early designs are still popular, and the wood is still best known for its basic functionality, clean lines and stunning presentations.

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