Paneling Walls or Room with Pine

Pine paneling is a very easy project that is simple to do in any home. The look can increase the value of any home and it's also a project that one or two people can perform over a couple of days or a weekend. The pine paneling is the part of the framed wood that's flat and usually a rectangular piece. It's either raised or recessed in the part of the frame where it's set.

Pine paneling does a very good job of making a home look quite elegant, as well as increasing the value of any home. And since the job of installing the paneling is essentially easy, the most time consuming part of the pine paneling project is likely going to be with the setup and preparation of the wood pine pieces. It's important to avoid purchasing any cheaply made and low-end artificial pine paneling products since this will only lower the look of your finished product and the pine paneling project will also likely not last as long otherwise. While it's certainly understandable to find a bargain for your project, stay away from completely going the route of knock-offs or cheap veneer products. Instead, focus on finding paneling that's made with and from real wood veneers. The veneers that are bonded to plywood are going to be the best product to yield more favorable results.

Pine paneling is also relatively easy to install. It's a simple step-by-step process to apply by taking the back adhesive of the paneling and applying it to the project's foundation, in wavy lines, and starting at one corner of the room and working your way to the next corner. Secure the panel with finishing nails that are driven through the top part of the pine paneling, and afterwards, remove the bottom part of the paneling and place a secure block behind it in order to keep it away from the wall while the adhesive is drying. After the adhesive dries, remove the block and press the paneling securely into place, taking care to ensure the space that is between the paneling and floor and the paneling and ceiling are free so that you can secure that area later with more paneling boards.

Pine paneling is a look that can be achieved with most any home interior image in a short amount of time, with the right products, tools and resources. It's not necessary to hire a general contractor for this type of work, unless the project goes far beyond the homeowner's knowledge or skill level. Installation is a very basic, very simple process that's easy to do, and can be achieved in as little time as a few days over the weekend.