Moldings & Trims

Moldings and trims are items that are found in most homes but are rarely noticed. The fact about these items is that they are actually an integral part of how the room looks, and the only time people notice them is when they are not there. Chair rails and mantel trims form a layer around the bottom of the wall to create an effortless join between the walls and the floor. They have more uses in addition to making a room ‘look right’. They also cover up unsightly blemishes and reduce the cost of finishing the space. They also contribute to the design and theme of a room in a big way.

It is hard to get a style to come to life, as many inexperienced and first time designers are not sure where to go from picking the right style and color scheme for the space. Paneling on the wall can be a great first step, as it will add in the detail that is subtle but immense in impact. A popular method is to paint the sidings the same color as the furniture in the room, or match it with other decorative elements like ceiling medallions and corbels. With just a few extra decorative elements a room can go from empty to alive.

Moldings can come in a range of materials, a cheap and effective choice being MDF. This material is affordable, easy to work with and great for painting and staining. Wood is another great choice, and creates a feeling of warmth and quality. The right molding for a room will depend on the other elements to go in it and the final designs that will be used.

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