The Mahogany wood, which is so distinctively rich in color, can have up to several hues and undertones. This color variation makes it an appealing, natural wood. When the wood is freshly cut, it has the colored appearance that resembles a pink color or salmon color, and sometimes a reddish or yellow hue. This tone variation makes it distinctly different from other woods. The Mahogany wood also has a golden, brilliant high luster, and a texture that’s often associated with a fine grade rather than coarse, with a straight grain design.

Fine home furnishings that are crafted with Mahogany wood should be considered an investment as it is expensive to obtain and expensive to have designed. Most Mahogany furniture designs used today are culled from two varieties that come from either South America or Africa. The South American variety is predominantly used for fine furniture makings. The variety, which originates from African is designed in either Caribbean or West Indian mahogany, and it is very much rarer than the other types. The Mahogany in these areas has been overharvested, which drives up its value and its prices. There are many fine cabinetmakers that develop and manufacture high-end cabinets, and have replaced many of their walnut pieces and designs with mahogany because of its beauty and luxurious style.

Most often, Mahogany furniture is made in a traditional style and can complement almost any decorating style in any home. It has a timeless and distinct beauty that many customers find appealing. It is an expensive style, but very much worth the investment. Many estate sales are treasure troves for finding second-hand Mahogany furniture pieces, and many retailers will often sell pieces at a discount if they have been floor model samples for a while.

There are some customers who prefer to buy and own original Mahogany rather than Mahogany veneer pieces. When in doubt about the origination of any Mahogany furniture pieces, inquire to the salesperson or online store about the piece’s history. For antique Mahogany furniture pieces, there should be a decal or a sticker on it that denotes that it is “genuine mahogany” and stamped with an approval from the Mahogany association. This organization was developed in the early 20th century as a way to help buyers differentiate between original Mahogany pieces and items that were mimicked to resemble Mahogany pieces by having them stained.

The wood is very durable and quite expensive when using it to make fine furniture pieces, mainly because it is a rare wood. When it’s used for furniture designing, it bestows a quality that’s both timeless and traditional, and any furnishings made with Mahogany will most definitely last a lifetime.

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1.75" x 6' x .25 Slats Stained Mahogany
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1.75" x 6' x .25 Slats Stained Mahogany
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