Paneling Walls with Log

Log paneling is likely one of the most beautiful and natural ways to bring character to any room. The log paneling look gives rooms a rustic and western feeling. Log paneling also has the ability to transfer its look to traditional home environments and with each styled result, it offers something to each room that is different and unusual than all of the others. This type of wood paneling is very unique, primarily because of its large, ornate and different looks that are in the knots in the wood. These unusual decorative knots lend the wood a special character and charm that's not generally found in other methods of decorating or in other types and styles of paneling.

It's a good idea to buy log paneling that is already finished, so as to avoid the problem of finishing the wood project yourself. This is a much preferred idea because finishing a wood project can be messy and sometimes a little more costly than what's preferred. This is also true if the person who wants to finish the wood doesn't have access to the correct resources or has the knowledge on how to correctly do the job of finishing. Although a person can definitely save a lot of money by buying unfinished paneling and finishing it themselves, the learning curve and the time expense of doing this may not turn out to be worth the effort.

If in fact you do decide to finish the wood yourself, here are a few tips to help you do a great job and try to get the best finished look as possible from your efforts. Working with the paneling may require a lot of lifting, bending, standing and moving around, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. To start, it is far better to finish the pine before you've installed it onto the wall, rather than trying to do it after you've installed it. It's easier to finish it while it is laying down flat, and closer to your level than it is in trying to reach and stretch beyond your height in getting to the top of the paneled area. Also, by finishing the panel while it is laying flat, you will avoid any drips or runs that may occur. This is especially true for paneling once it has been installed because liquids do tend to run down the length of the panel. Finishing products may tend to quick dry while they're in the process of drying, and this can be a very unsightly look for your paneled product. Once the panel is dry after finishing, you can then install it without worry as you enjoy the look and feel of your log paneling.