Knotty Pine Paneling

Knotty Pine paneling is an old-fashioned styled method of dressing and making interior walls have a reminiscent look of years past. It is a reflection of when wall interiors mimicked the look and feel of real wood and wood grained paneling. Knotty wood paneling gives a home the natural appearance of wood, and it's installable with minimal work and effort and goes on with much less waste than other materials do. The look of knotty pine paneling is simple and easy to achieve with kits that you can use to take knotty pine boards and hang them using tools and edging sources. By using tongue-and-groove edging, the entire paneling and backing are locked into itself without the use of messy glues and dangerous nails. Knotty pine wood is significantly lighter and easier to handle which is why it's used so frequently and is the most popular choice for certain projects.

Knotty pine paneling was and is still a very much-preferred method to use to decorate rooms and entire homes. The look of knotty pine paneling has often been associated with the look of the old West or in country styled homes and cabins. The look of the knotty pine wood gives the feeling of rustic, warm and cozy home styled living, which is a lot of the reason why it's preferred in many country settings.

Some homeowners prefer to install their own knotty pine paneling decorative projects, mainly because it's easier to do than hiring subcontractors, but also because they have more control over how they want the paneling to look. They can also control which areas and in which direction they want the panel to flow, and they may choose to only panel half of a room if that best fits their decorative preferences. This is part of the reason why this type of paneling is popular and used so frequently, because it's very flexible and affordable, and homeowners can change as often as they prefer to do so, if they so choose.

Unlike other paneling materials that are from wood or other decorative source material, knotty pine Knotty pine paneling is also easy to find, whether it's through online vendors or with offline retailers. Selecting and choosing the paneling is easier to do online, especially if the vendor offers several pictures and images of their stock and inventory from which the customers can choose. In many cases, ordering the panel material in bulk is sometimes very cost effective, which is also another reason why customers choose to buy this panel in large quantities and redo multiple rooms at a time.