The Ipe wood species is a very strong, durable wood, and is mainly used for furniture projects like decks, chairs and numerous other outdoor building projects. Its popularity as a decking material has grown significantly due to durability and its ability to resist insect infestation. The wood’s popularity also began to grow and strengthen around 2007, and the demand for the wood also began to increase. This was a result of the wood having become FSC-certified at that time, and its availability in the marketplace began escalating.

Ipe wood is largely imported into the United States, where it is predominantly used for decking and furniture projects. It has also been used to assemble large building projects in large cities. In the late 1960s, import companies began targeting large boardwalk projects to which they could sell their Ipe wood. One of the first projects that was started was with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. This department maintained large areas, like the boardwalks in the large city, and they began using Ipe wood to take care of that building project. Since the Ipe wood lasts durably for about 10 years, in 1994 the city began again to replace the Ipe. The original project had covered about 10 miles using the Ipe wood, and the 1994 launch was expected to do the same thing and to last just as long as the original Ipe wood placement. The trees only grow at a rate of two to three trees per acre, therefore it’s necessary to search through large acreage of forests to find and harvest Ipe for city projects like boardwalks, and building projects like decks and furnishings. It does ideally last a long time, and since the trees grow scarce and densely, they’re able to sustain and weather through most all projects.

The multiple uses for the Ipe wood are varied, and both homebuilders and homeowners gravitate to this species of wood as a ideal solution for various projects, including residential and commercial. As a decking material, the Ipe is highly resistant to rot and decay, and also insect resistant for hundreds of bug species. Replacing any Ipe-manufactured furnishing or project will not be any homeowner’s concern. This investment in a wood product like the Ipe wood should be viewed as a lasting investment that will match or even outlive the life of the homeowner’s mortgage. It’s also an ideal solution for other commercial projects like docks for boats, pool decks, outdoor furniture and footbridges. To maintain its rich color and durability, the densely rich wood simply needs to be sealed, or, it can be weathered, and the resulting color will be a silver-gray color.

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