Exterior Paneling

There are multiple kinds of exterior paneling that you can use on homes to give your home the ultimate protection that it needs. You can find a variety of exterior paneling solutions that are made with varying materials including wood, plastics or a combination of these materials. Whichever type of exterior paneling is chosen for the outside of the home just needs to be able to safely and effectively protect the exterior in events of all types of inclement weather and environments. The paneling also needs to of course be aesthetically pleasing since any kind of quality exterior paneling is going to be on the home for many, many years.

Fiber cement siding is one kind of exterior paneling that’s popular, as it has the natural appearance, look and feel of wood and stucco. It also has a nice masonry look and feel, and because of this, the fiber cement siding has a very low maintenance requirement. This type of siding is also highly chosen by homeowners because it gives the look and feel of an authentic wood project, with low maintenance, thereby making it a top choice for redecorating and housing project solutions. Fiber cement siding is also ideal because it’s termite-proof and fireproof as well.

Another choice for exterior paneling solutions is the siding that mimics wood looking products is the wood siding. This material is durable and highly sustainable, and is a favorite for many homeowners because of that. Wood siding outlasts and outperforms vinyl siding, and only requires periodic care and maintenance. Instead of being painted for an aesthetic change, wood clapboards can be stained for a considerable effect.

Brick siding and brick veneer is another ideal alternative for exterior paneling solutions. The brick siding is usually made out of fired clay and offers a myriad of aesthetically pleasing colors, hues and tones. This type of siding however is more expensive than other methods, but it can and does last for years, even centuries. Its durability is amazingly valuable, and for at least twenty-five to thirty years, the home won’t require any patching or repairs.

Shingle siding is another popular solution that blends well with wooded landscapes. Usually made with natural cedar species, the shingles used are often stained for color and appeal. The color selection can range from stained grays, to browns or a variety of other earth-toned colors. As an alternative, shakes are another solution, and they offer the look of natural wood that is stunning. Peeling is sometimes an issue that faces many types of exterior paneling solutions. And since the shakes require less maintenance than the other solutions, including the wood siding, using a stain as a finishing solution helps to minimize and reduce the peeling effects.

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