California Redwood

The California Redwood is a tall, stunning and beautiful tree species that’s well-known and revered for its magnificence and beauty. Among most all of the wood species that are used for furniture and home uses, the redwood is one that is used because of its rich color, high functionality, its adaptability and its ease of use. The California Redwood has become a frequently-used wood in designing and styling furniture pieces for both home and commercial uses. Furniture makers began designing pieces with this species many years ago, but the recent popularity of this beautiful wood product has made it one that is in high demand by both builders and homeowners.

As a popular manufacturing product for furniture, both indoor and outdoor, the California Redwood is both beautiful and popular. Many people find California Redwood trees in more than 100 locations that include parks, wilderness areas and parks, so it’s frequently seen and noticed. It is a unique softwood species that’s highly stable and well known for unique durability for many home building projects and renovations. It does not split or check and it provides a superior barrier against weathering elements. The California Redwood is also a part of a decay-resistant species, therefore the wood can be used near on or the ground for most home projects like furniture construction or for structural support.

The Redwood is also known to have a strong, fine grain that’s even and extremely flexible in direct proportion to its weight, making it an ideal wood to use in a variety of methods. The wood is well known for its strength and its inability to become permeated by liquids. Along with the natural phenol preservatives that exist in the wood, it’s an ideal solution for both exterior and interior home uses, especially in situations where there is a high humidity atmospheric condition. The structural and cellular makeup of the wood species is what provides it with the unique barrier and protection system for which it’s well known for in furniture products.

Also, because the wood species is highly resistant to decaying conditions around it, it was originally used years ago in California to make railroad ties and trestles throughout the state. Although this is no longer used, the ties that were used were recycled for other uses in home and garden projects, but now redwood burls are what’s used to make today’s furnishings. Table tops, chairs and veneer products are a sampling of products that manufacturers are developing and manufacturing from the California Redwood species.