Wood Beams

The nice, clean look and lines that's created with the redecorating look of wood beams is unmatchable, simply because it adds a distinctly different and unique look to just about any room. Whether the project is for an exterior redecorating look or for an interior look that's being redesigned, the wood beams add a special touch by giving a room character and a bold personality.

Wood beams are a great look to design as a mantle above the fireplace, and is also an area where the look is most commonly found. It's also quite common to find the beams spanning the width of a living room area, or perhaps they serve as a structural beam and support unit for either a deck or other outdoor living space. The look of the wood beams and its image is a versatile one as well as flexible, giving homeowners a wide variety of design choices that lend warmth and charm to any room's design structure.

There are also many varieties and styles of wood beams from which to choose to get the best look and design for any room in the house. Among some of the more commonly used beams are the rough sawn wood beams and the antique rough sawn wood beams. The antique looking wood beams gives a very rustic look and feel to most any room. Some of the various types of antique wood beams can be cut and designed to display the teeth marks or sawn marks from the blade from when the wood was cut and milled to make the beams. This gives the wood a more defined, rustic look and feel, and it appeals to many people because it looks very natural and attractive.

There is also the option of using faux wood beams when pure wood beams are not an optional or may be too cost prohibitive. The faux wood beams are just as durable and aesthetically pleasing, and they resemble solid wood beams both in look and in functionality. Faux wood beams are an option when natural wood beams are unable for installation or for jobs that may not require a full flat or panel of wood beams, especially when they're needed to fill a small space or a tight area. Installing wood beams is also very easy to do, especially in open floor plans, and can be done in a matter of hours or as a re-decorating or design project over the course of a short weekend.