Beadboard Paneling

Most bathrooms and cooking areas are covered with material that protects the areas that surround it, making them durable and long lasting. These areas are usually high traffic areas in any home and the need to protect them is so that the areas can last and not show premature wear and aging. When there is sufficient aging or wear on certain areas, it becomes necessary to either completely redo the area or repair the areas in the material that have worn out. Sometimes, this is a fairly easy task to do, and other times it can be a laborious task, depending on what kind of material is used and how much labor intensive time is required to get the area back to working condition.

In lieu of investing an inordinate amount of both time and money on what can amount to becoming a fairly huge project, beadboard paneling is used in order to reduce both costs. This type of paneling is very different from other types of decorative paneling because. It's appearance is akin to small, thin and raised indentations that are commonly referred to as "beads." They are interlocked jointly and look similar to board panels, which is where and how it acquired its name as in "beadboard." This type of paneling is frequently found in interior homes designs with country themes or cottage interiors.

There are also a vast amount of material choices in the beadboard paneling family. Oak, cedar, fir and PVC fiber panel material are some of the main selections that are used for various purposes. For instance, the PVC panel is frequently used for the cabana or cabin inspired themes because it is a dense, fibrous wood that fits well into that genre of wood. The other materials like oak and cedar are very popular choices as well, primarily because they are elegant and full of classic embodiment for woodgrain paneling. Many online vendors provide several selections of these grain woods that can be stained darker or lighter, depending on the customer's specific preferences.

As for low maintenance and low cost, beadboard paneling is an ideal solution since it does not require any additional time or resources to maintain. Any repairs that would be needed with the beadboard panel look can be done quickly and with minimal resources. Beadboard paneling is also essentially a very easy and flexible type of paneling to install in most any home. It does not require any specialized skills or foreknowledge to quickly and properly install, and in a small matter of time, the paneling project can be completed and enjoyed.