Bamboo Paneling

Bamboo paneling is best for those who want a fully sustainable and environmentally friendly product for their project. As bamboo grows at up to a yard every day, it is great as a source of building material as it never runs out. The look of bamboo is also something that people love, as it can come in light honey blonde tones with flecks of darker wood, known as natural, or pressure-treated bamboo that comes in a much darker tone with rich browns and amber. This color is known as caramel or brown.

There are no limits to how bamboo paneling is used in the home or office. It can be cut to size easily without falling apart and can be glued or nailed to the wall. One idea for this type of d├ęcor is around bars, breakfast areas and counter facings to give an exotic or rustic feel to the space. Although it is synonymous with Asian culture or beach themes, bamboo can look professional and refined in the right settings. The lighter colors can open up a room, giving it a light and spacious feel that can be styled as minimalist, and the darker brown bamboo is great for offices and loft apartments that want to create a warmer feeling in their area.

A feature of bamboo that is not achievable with other materials is that it can be wrapped around curved spaces. This means that outdoor supports, curved counter units and shaped trims can all be covered effortlessly with the material. It is also extremely durable, lasting well in all outdoor conditions.

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