Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Wooden products for home and commercial use are an excellent alternative to other products that cannot provide a sturdy source of protection and functionality for outdoor living furniture. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a high quality wood species that is one of the world’s most popular and frequently used durable furniture woods. The wood is known for its exceptional longevity, therefore, it is used heavily in many building situations where quality and durability are extremely important. Products made with Alaskan Yellow Cedar wood have high life expectancy. Many products made with the wood material have been known to last for several generations, being passed down through family lines. It is rare to see yellow cedar wooden products discarded due to non-use or disrepair. The wood has a sturdy composite structure, and its ability to endure various weather elements has proven its lengthy durability. It does not warp or buckle with high moisture situations, especially if the wood is stained and treated prior to being used. One coat would be sufficient to protect the wood, but two coats would ensure that it is resistant to the general elements in the atmosphere, especially if the wood product is a consistent outdoor furniture product like tables or chairs.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a highly versatile project, and is usually used to manufacture products like floors, doors, decks, ceiling paneling, custom woodworking, and millwork. It is very popular for carving as well as versatile when used in industrial applications. It has been traditionally used for boat building because of its long-term durability. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a comparable alternative to pressure-treated lumber, yet it has a tensile strength of unmatched durability. The wood is also termite-resistant, which is also a major plus with homeowners who use the wood or wood pieces to decorate their homes, decks, patios and other wooded product areas.

The wood is also considered an eco friendly product. Since some outdoor furniture woods are often treated with chemicals so as to blend and withstand the outside elements, the Alaskan Yellow Cedar is naturally resistant to many elements and outside conditions. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is an ideal alternative to the chemically treated wood that’s normally used for outdoor furniture like decks and patio chairs. The wood is better suited for freshwater environment, and aligns best to coastal environments and regions that are infested with termites. Also, since the wood is so densely tough and close-grained, it does a great job of withstanding against impact. This characteristic of the wood also helps it to not splinter or crack, which is an ideal solution for benches and outdoor furniture systems and playground structures.